The Cup is part of the redevelopment project of the Group Service building in Erps-Kwerps. The intention was to create a warm and cosy space to eat or to have a coffee break.

The room is split into two distinctive areas: a restaurant corner with tables to have lunch with colleagues, and a lounge cornered off with wooden batten on the wall in order to create a more cosy atmosphere.
There is also a kitchenette which includes a coffee machine and a fridge and is designed in the same style as the rest of the room, in order to create a homogeneous room.

The common thread of D’Ieteren Immo is sustainability. For example, we chose to reuse old coffee cups and transform them into light fixtures.
In total, about fifty cups were pierced and placed above a long bench.

In the same building and on the same floor, we also installed a brainstorming area in the same spirit as The Cup. A cyan wall, slats on the wall in order to create a warmer atmosphere, a painting, a screen to display ideas or presentations and various seats make sure that colleagues can discuss casually with each other.

Data and credits

  • Programme : Refurbishment dining area and lounge
  • Architecte : D’Ieteren Immo
  • Surface : m²
  • Year : 2019
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