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Volkswagen D'Ieteren Finance

Offices / Under construction
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Volkswagen D'Ieteren Finance

The building to the east of the site will house Volkswagen D'Ieteren Finance premises, emphasizing a circularity and sustainability approach. The transformation aims to eliminate superfluous elements while preserving the existing structure to create an evolving and intelligent space. A strategy of relocating technical spaces was adopted, concentrating openings on the east and west facades to enhance connectivity with the landscaped park. An extension of the existing volume was achieved with a cloister-shaped portico, creating two distinct outdoor areas and organizing outdoor spaces. The use of brick emphasizes the building's pure form, while a latticed moucharabieh system offers a unique architectural signature, contributing to a distinct identity.

Sustainable criteria

Carbon neutral
Solar panels and geothermal energy
Reuse and/or infiltration of rainwater
Circular demolition


Polo Architect

Practical information

  • Leuvensesteenweg 639, 3071 Kortenberg
  • Offices
  • To be determined
  • 2024 - 2025

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