AUDI  Heist op den Berg

AUDI Heist op den Berg

This is a renovation project of an existing concessionary located in Heist-op-den-Berg, realised in the context of the consultancy that D’Ieteren Immo offers in terms of architectural services to D’Ieteren Auto.

The peculiar form of the building was a far cry from the formal architecture and language that Audi wished for. The showroom part of the building had an ‘industrial’ finishing which did not correspond to the level of finishing the brand required.

Hence, a significant architectural intervention was thus proposed in order to obtain a look and feel acceptable for the brand.

Some stylistic elements which are inherent to Audi were integrated into the project. A Customer Privacy Lounge provides clients with a digital experience with the aid of a high-tech configurator.
A direct reception was also integrated, so that the building corresponded to the Audi requirements. The workshop got a makeover.

D’Ieteren Immo obtained the green light of Audi AG before the project was realized. This is an indispensable procedure for all construction works, or to realize a building for all the brands imported by D’Ieteren Auto.

An outstanding collaboration with D’Ieteren Auto, the dealer and the architect, Iris Marivoet, was the key for success of this transformation. The building got a visit from the representatives of the factory, who were very pleased with the result.

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